Ulrike Siebenrock



Ulrike Siebenrock, born in 1967: foreign language secretary

Ulrike Siebenrock Ulrike Siebenrock

After having passed my Abitur (German A-level) I visited the private institute for foreign languages Bendel in Riedlingen, a picturesque small town at the banks of the river Danube.

Then when I had worked some years as an export secretary and as a management assistant in the industry I established my own firm in 2000.

My knowledge in English, French and Spanish has been improved with regular stays abroad, during work and on holiday journeys.

Besides the translations which I really like to execute for you I also support students, children and adults, who want to do more for their language knowledge.

I also organize and execute English lessons with the adult education programs in our area.

I will share my experience with you and you will be able to count on your personal success.